Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up {1}! Literary Cocktails, Bookish Crying In Public and More…

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Ok… so I know I did this as Summing Up on Sunday last time, but I’ve decided that Sundays don’t work for me.  So, please welcome my new (or improved) feature, Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up!  For lack of a better title, this is where I share with you all of the (mostly bookish) interesting bits and pieces I’ve bumbled across in the past week 🙂

For those of you in the mood for literary libations, here are five cocktails based on fictional characters thanks to FOOD RIOT.

The age old question of what to do when a book makes you cry on public transport was examined by BOOK RIOT.  BOOK RIOT also taught me to stop apologising for what I like to read (YA and romance, I’m looking at you!) and also how to be tasteful in my disdain for books when I review them if I haven’t been a fan.

For those of you who love Hamish and Andy like I do, you will be pleased to know that the certified Facebook killer, Chumsgroup, is back!  Until it gets hacked again I’m sure…

Buzzfeed hooked me in again with the following stellar articles

  1. 37 Signs You Grew Up In Australia In The ’90s – Was anyone else totally petrified of EC on Lift Off?  No?  Just me?  Okay then!  This article totally brought me back to my childhood 🙂
  2. A Tumblr Artist Reenvisioned A Bunch Of Awesome ’90s Cartoons As If They Were Made Today – How ’bout them Rugrats!
  3. Which Disney Couple Is Your Ideal Relationship? – Of course, the all important quiz… I got Snow White and Prince Ferdinand, definitely not what I was expecting.  I was more of an Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast fan when I was growning up 🙂

Oh, and if you love Disney like I do, you should consider 15 Reasons why Cogsworth and Lumiere Should Be Your Life Coaches, and also 15 Signs We Spend Too Much Time Watching Disney Movies… I may relate to too many of the signs in that last one!

Footy is also back with the NAB Challenge and it feels a wee bit strange, given that it’s still the middle of summer and it’s a winter sport, but you won’t see me complaining!  My mum on the other hand…

Here’s a bit of a funny one, 50 of the most perfectly timed photos – they’re pretty amazing 🙂

I’m considering buying the book The Monday to Friday Diet but I’m not sure… what do you think, fad or fancy?  It was written by a dietician so I think it MIGHT be okay…

Bookish Blogroll Round-Up
  • Belle from Belle’s Bookshelf reviewed audiobooks of Jane Austen’s novels – I love me some Jane Austen, especially in a different format 🙂
  • Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner spent some quality time with her bookshelf during an ice storm, something I should probably do!  She also looked at book series being cancelled on her other blog, The Broke and the Bookish.
  • Ashley from Nose Graze considered whether physical ARCs have lost their appeal in favour of eARCs.
  • Estelle from Rather Be Reading had a gorgeous ‘Guess the Baby Blogger’ Game going on in honour of her co-blogger Magan having her little baby girl, adorable!
  • Debby from Snuggly Oranges looked at a book problem that sends me right to struggletown, when to give up on a book and toss it in the DNF pile…
  • Kat and Steph from Cuddlebuggery Book Blog shared 10 things each that we didn’t already know about them.

And lastly, let’s wrap this up with a funny take on Let Her Go, song from the hit movie Frozen, where you can see the hilarity that ensues when Google Translate is involved:

Well, I’m heading back to my all-important Full House marathon, I’m HOOKED at the moment. I’m up to Season 3 and that Michelle is so darn cute 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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